Psychotherapy can be an important tool to explore self-defeating patterns, understand communication difficulties and help to make positive and lasting change in your life.

I offer individuals and couples an eclectic approach, combining depth psychotherapy and practical solution-focused counseling. With this focus, we can explore past experiences and patterns and look at present problematic attitudes and behaviors.

My Practice

I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples.  Through personalized, thoughtful support and guidance, you can experience more satisfaction and success in your life.

In my practice, I work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, communication, career changes, family planning and life transitions.  I feel that a supportive environment is helpful but an active, challenging environment can facilitate change.

My training as a licensed therapist is in Cognitive Behavioral techniques and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  I am also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction which can be very useful in addressing mood issues and anxiety.  Combining these tools allows for practical solution-focused techniques that make measurable change while psychotherapy can help address the long-standing behavioral patterns that contribute to who you are.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I believe in the holistic relationship between food, physical health and mental health.  I have combined my passion for nutrition and knowledge of emotional health into a unique point of view.  Through my years as a therapist, I have seen how a nutrient dense, whole food diet has had a remarkable impact on the overall wellness of my clients.

Goals and Outcomes

I am interested in why individuals continue patterns that do not work and I feel a deep motivation to assist in change.  Goals often include more meaningful relationships with oneself and others and a sense of experiencing life more positively.

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Build loving relationships.
  • Develop healthy coping strategies.
  • Manage stress through mindfulness.
  • Find fulfilling work.
  • Understand impact of nutrition .

Contact Me

Starting therapy can feel scary and it is important to find a relationship that fits. I am happy to talk with you further and answer your questions.